Smart tracking Taximeter

Easy Access and payment, Fair fare

Why Dolphin Taximeter?

Reduce the time of waiting for taxi, help drivers to find the passengers easily Also the best way to calculate drivers income. The other considering point is with the help of Dolphin GPS Tracking both drivers and passengers will have safe trips.

Dolphin Smart Taximeter Features


Fleet management system

Online tracking of locations, speed, status of the fleet and driver behavior analysis


Smart Fare Calculation

Service and income monitoring (number of trips, time, income by types of trip and payment)


Online and Offline

*Online tariffs based on range, time intervals, distance, speed below the threshold

Assigning Closest Car

Request trip

Optimized use of Taxi based on customers mobile

Fleet Management

All the functional information of the fleet are transmitted through the intelligent taxi system and collected in this center; statistical-analytical reports are created by a software.

The integrated fleet management software includes diverse information reports and dashboards, which include functional items of cars, the amount and distribution of trips in different parts of the city, the number of passengers, performance in the city’s lines and areas, analytical reports of services and trips based on a variety of performance factors such as transaction volume and compliance with the scope and timing:

Online Tracking

Online tracking of locations, speed, status of the fleet and driver behavior analysis


Service and income monitoring (number of trips, time, income by types of trip and payment)


Monitoring of vehicles performance (distance, operating time, fuel consumption, on-site performance)

Taxi Distribution

Analysis of distribution of passengers and trips requests (Taxi Distribution)

Smart Taximeter

Taximeter can increase the use of Public transport fleet by calculating the fare by using accurate and diverse criteria as well as supporting various types of trips. With the following features, this device will provide fairness in calculating fares and cover the needs of passengers:

Electronic payment

The electronic payment system can use online and offline payment methods, neutralizes the shortage of fractional currencies and reduces the risk of pollution between drivers and passengers. Offline payment systems create speed, ease and security in payment:
پرداخت NFC تاکسی هوشمند دلفین

NFC Payment

NFC-based payment capabilities such as electronic wallets
پرداخت نقدی تاکسی هوشمند دلفین

Pay by Cash

Registration of trips paid in cash
پرداخت آفلاین تاکسی هوشمند دلفین

Offline Cards

Reading Mifare and Desfire cards with two SAM modules
پرداخت آنلاین تاکسی هوشمند دلفین

Online Payment

Integration with banking POS and MPOS via Bluetooth and serial
  • Screen

    5-inch display with resistive touch screen

  • Offline Payment

    Multi-protocol offline payment module NFC, Mifare, Desfire with two SAM modules

  • Mobile Network

    Mobile Network Module for 2nd Generation or 3rd Generation

  • GPS Tracking

    GPS and GLONASS simultaneous positioning module

  • Operation Systems

    Real-time operating system

  • Driver licenses

    Driver’s license intelligent input for qualification approval and performance registration

Technical specifications of taximeter

  • Inputs, Outputs

    Two digital inputs and outputs, one analog input

  • Communication Ports

    Serial port, USB, CAN and K-line to communicate with ECU

  • ECU connection

    Supports standard ECU protocols

  • Memory

    8 MB of internal storage and external storage up to 32GB

  • Bluetooth

    Equipped with a Bluetooth module for communication with peripherals

  • accelerometer

    9-axis accelerometer for driver’s behavior analysis and turned-on engine detection