Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if driver drive in an area that has poor wireless coverage ?

The GPS device continues to collect and store information even if drivers are driving in an area that does not have wireless coverage. The unit then transmits this data when the vehicle comes back into the wireless coverage area.

Why is the location incorrect sometimes ?

Either vehicle location may be incorrectly reported sometimes or off by a few meters because buildings may affect the availability and quality of GPS signals, natural obstacles, weather conditions and satellite availability.

How GPS base tracking system works ?

A vehicle tracking system using GPS obtain the location, speed, direction and time data made available via satellite from the Global Positioning System to the GPS receiver unit installed in a vehicle and transmits it to a central computer (Server) connected to a private GSM network or the Internet.

What is Vehicle Tracking System ?

Vehicle tracking system is a typical combination of the hardware and software, which enables the user to know each activity and the movement information, at any point of time, from anywhere and by any authorized users.

What is Geo Fence ?

A Geo fence is a virtual boundary defined around a location or area on the Earth’s surface. The existing location of an asset (characteristically acquired using GPS) is evaluated with the boundary and an alert triggered on entry or exit. A Geo fence may be a simple circle defined by a center coordinate and radius, or a more complex shape defined by vertices of a polygon or a series of circular arcs.

GPS Tracking Device

How should we connect to devices ( Technically ) ?

Dolphin device is establish behind the dashboard without any damaging to vehicles guarantees. Before establishing device should be integrated with the software based on its firmware and protocol. Our device can connect to the ECU with CANbus connection. After that this system, hardware and software, will send the data with GPRS network, which is provided by SIM and operator. Indeed, SIM should put into the device before installing.

What types of sensors are available ?

Dolphin device support not only wire-needed sensors but also it can integrated with sensors and accessories based on Bluetooth connectivity. Sensors such as fuel sensor, axle load sensor, driver identification device, temperature sensor, iButton device, or any call device can be connect to it.

How we provide a guarantee to the customer that he will not get spying on his car by Dolphin ?

( Sorry for this question but the Iraqi customer in constant doubt ).

We will focus on device features, which are make cost reduction. GPS tracker is not only provided in order to tracking. Costumer should be aware of Dolphin features that manage their fleet and vehicles. For instance, repair and maintenance cost is the most significant factors for logistics manager and vehicle owners. With GPS trackers driver can get alarm for repair and maintenance services. Another important cost of cars is fuel cost. If driver were aware of GPS role in fuel consumption eliminating, they would be eager to use that device. In addition to cost decreasing, preventing of car thieves or calculating the fare based on real data are another reason that can affect consumers.

In the case of theft of the car and the lack of Internet connection in the phone is there a way to know the location of the car ?

Our device can prevent and save data while SIM does not have internet connection, once the internet connection be create again all miss data will send to server.

How to turn off and operate the vehicle by telephone ( i know by SMS but I need the way ) ?

When you want to turn the car off, send a message to device SIM. Your car will turn off after that.

Amount of data spent from the device during the month ( Accurately for sent devices ) ?

It is depends on the module that you use. However, the maximum data, which device can record is 120000 record with 8-megabyte memory.

Is there a tracking device for people, not vehicles ?

Of course not. Dolphin device sole responsibility is vehicle tracking. Because it needs the car electricity power.

What are the data required from the customer when the system is activated ?

At first, you should inter driver, cars and user information. After that, you must assign each car to definition driver.

If you want to use repair and maintenance module for the first time you should inter all data of first services. Then, services in future will alarmed with fleet management system.

How depriving the customer of the service if he does not pay the monthly subscription ?

If customer do not pay the monthly cost, services will be stop until he/she pay the supportive cost.

Amount of data sent from the device during the month (Accurately for sent devices) ?

It is depends on the module that you use. However, the maximum data, can be record is 120000 record with 8-megabyte memory.

Amount of data spent from the device during the month ( Accurately for sent devices ) ?

It is depends on the module that you use. However, the maximum data, which device can record is 120000 record with 8-megabyte memory.

How many accounts are given to a single customer and what are the powers given to him ?

It is depends on the purchasing model. If he/she has a server, the account number do not have any limitation. However, if he/she uses the services based on monthly payment only one account will provide.

Although our services is based on web and anyone, who have username and password can get the reports.

Fleet Management

Can we use Dolphin Fleet Management System out of Iran ?

Of course, Dolphin System has several settings that make it easy to use no matter where you are.

Which browser does Dolphin System support ?

Dolphin System works best on chrome 22 and higher.

Can we use Dolphin System for personal vehicles ?

Absolutely! Anyone looking for a good way to track his or her vehicles.

Do we have to use any hardware for getting all reports of Dolphin System ?

You should use GPS tracker, which is integrated with Dolphin System.

Can I track usage in kilometers or engine hours ?

Yes! You can track usage in miles, kilometers or hours. The usage “type” can be set for each vehicle or piece of equipment.

Is it possible to setup reminders for custom service/maintenance tasks ?

Yes, you can add service reminders for more service types by selecting the event and data limitation.

How is fuel consumption measured by Dolphin System ?

We have three main solution for measuring the fuel consumption. At first, you can use fuel sensor, which is established on fuel tank. Another way is using calculating fuel consumption based on Dolphin System data and fleet features; finally, fuel consumption is calculate based on ECU and CAN bus data.

Mobile Application

Where can car owner find Vinaa App ?

You can download the Vinaa App from Google play and Sib App.

Can drivers track the vehicles location by Vinaa mobile App ?

Of course, they can. In addition to tracking, vehicles cost managing and repair and maintenance services are available.

What is Vinaa App process if vehicles are stolen ?

Vinaa will send the alarm to car owners. After that in addition to tracking, car owners can send SMS for device and turn the car off remotely.

Are the Vinaa mobile App hard to implement ?

Implementation is painless for all of mobile phone worked with.

What reporting can get from Vinaa mobile App ?

Tracking, trip history, and repair and maintenance services are provided with Vinaa App. Another major factors, which are displayed here are event history, service cost, event setting, utilizing setting, trip-park history, charts, and driver behavior.


How much does Dolphin smart taximeter cost ?

It is about $400 USD

Is taxi with Dolphin smart taximeter cheaper than other cab ?

Dolphin smart taximeter can calculate the fare based on real factors such as mileage. Therefore, it would be cheaper than another cab.

How do passengers pay fare for trips ?

Dolphin smart taximeter is designed based on facilities for electronic payment. Not only online payment but also offline payment can be done.

Do Dolphin smart taximeter have any mobile App for trip ordering ?

Of course, passengers can order trips and the nearest taxi will assign to them.

Is pool car possible with Dolphin smart taximeter ?

Absolutely, our mobile App and hardware are provided in order to pool car ordering and sharing car. Therefore, the trip cost will be economical for passengers with same route.

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