Dolphin GPS Tracker Installation Tutorial

New technologies have been introduced in all areas of human life to make life easier and safer. The tracker and GPS are built to give users more control in addition to increasing vehicle safety. But choosing the right car tracker should be done with adequate consultation and information. Dolphin GPS Tracker can be a good choice in this regard.

Dolphin GPS Tracker

ردیاب خودرو

Dolphin GPS Tracker is a small, engineered device capable of supporting a variety of local and foreign vehicles. The design of the frame of this device is ideal preference for engineers without any need vibration-free installation. As the corporate and even personal fleets experience different situations, so being waterproof and dust-proof is one of the main features for designing device.

As a result, the Device has a great service and with a very reasonable price. The device can be hidden with antennas and built-in batteries for corporate drivers. The technical features of Dolphin Tracker have made it possible to get all the information about the car fleet.

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Dolphin GPS Tracker Installation

If you want to install your gps tracker yourself. This video is for you Note: That installation please is a very important factor in order to improve the efficiency signalling power of trackers.